desire__x3 (desire__x3) wrote,

I didn't do any of the things I planned to do last weekend. My house is still a mess. None of my crafty projects got done. It was a great big failure, really. I did succeed in laying around in my pajamas until about noon, making blueberry pancakes for brunch, laying around even more until about 4 or 5 when I finallly got up and went to Casey's to watch Lifetime movies with her and Morgan. We had noodles with jarred sauce and burnt toast for dinner. lol. They were very proud about their domestic efforts. It makes me feel better about my culinary skills. It was a great lazy Saturday, but it was not productive at all.

The last few days I was barn apartment sitting. It's great, bc it means I get tv. But it sucks because it means I have to do night check and worry about the horses. Normally I don't worry about it too much, but Monday morning Cassie's new Grand Prix horse was shipped in. I was so freaking nervous about that thing. I am pretty glad to not be on duty tonight. However, it does mean that I have to pick Reese up at the airport tonight at 8. Womp, womp, womp.

Where do you purchase more free time?

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